NASCAR legend was so dominant on the track he says he had to slow down to keep the races interesting


Every once in a while an athlete comes along and absolutely dominates their sport. Sometimes it can be good for the sport and then there's times where things have to be backed down.

NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon recently sat down for Undeniable with Joe Buck, to talk about his time in the sport and the dominance he displayed during his time in the sport.

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Buck asked Gordon if the governing body of NASCAR was worried that he was too dominant to make it interesting.

"Yeah because unlike Earnhardt (Dale Sr.) where he sort of saw the bigger picture," Gordon said. "He spent a lot more time with Bill France Jr. (former NASCAR CEO) who was running NASCAR and owned NASCAR at the time and Bill would explain to him you know, 'Hey listen this is racing but it's a sport, an entertainment sport, so if what happens on the track is not entertaining people aren't gonna want to watch it.' "

"Me, I didn't get that I was just 'I'm gonna pass the car, I want to win the race, I don't care how exciting it is, none of that at that time mattered to me,' " added Gordon.

The powers that be notified Gordon and his team that they were performing a little too well and it wasn't good for the sport. It got to the point where Gordon and his team had a signal in the cars that would notify Gordon when he got too far ahead of the pack.


"We had a signal in the car, if I had a big lead they would say okay one second lead, alright two second lead, three second lead, alright Jeff you're at four seconds," Gordon said. "It would never get more than four seconds."

Buck asked Gordon if he backed it down, to which Gordon replied, "Yep, yeah absolutely."