A cup series crew chief is going to try his hand behind the wheel


Crew chief Matt McCall's day job is calling the shots for Jamie McMurray from the safety of the infield, but this weekend he's trading his headset for a helmet.

Autoweek.com reports that McCall is entering the Thanksgiving Classic at Southern National Motorsports Park in Lucama, North Carolina. It is not like he's never driven a race car, though, as McCall won a UARA Late Model touring series championship in 2009 and has multiple wins at the very track he will be racing.

If it weren't for his cup series gig, McCall would probably be driving himself much more.

"Once you're a short track racer, that's all you want to do is short track race," McCall remarked.  "I think, if you give me a chance to race, we'll try to race for sure."


Wendell Davis was his crew chief during the 2009 championship run and will return for this race as well.

"Wendell and all these guys have worked hard on this car," McCall said.  "We basically rebuilt it because it sat around all year.  We're thrashing to get here.  The plan is to come back and see if we can get a trophy."

We wonder what it's like to crew chief for a crew chief.

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