It took this driver four years to find his way back to victory lane

It took four years and 127 races, but Ryan Newman finally made it. The Brickyard 400 in 2013 was the last time he tasted sweet, sweet victory before finally breaking through in Phoenix. All that losing has given perspective to Newman, who said as much to FoxSports,

"There's one guy who wins and 39 guys who lose. You just have to stay humble."

Because of facing those long odds against winning every Sunday, Newman's crew chief, Luke Lambert said that he approaches every race as if it was a self contained championship.

That approach finally paid off. A caution that lifted with only 2 laps left meant Newman had to nail the restart and fight off any challenges for only two laps. Nail it he did, and the weight of his 127 race drought was lifted just like that. We're sure Newman and his crew will savor this race as long as they can, not knowing when the next win may come.

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