Of course, we all know former NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon is known for incredible success in the sport. Now a top executive at Hendrick Motorsports (where he himself used to raced during his stint in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series and Winston Cup Series), he has four Cup titles and 93 wins. But, he’s not the only one in the Gordon household with accolades and name recognition. Jeff’s wife Ingrid Vandebosch has had quite the career of her own, and they make for the ultimate power couple.

She may not be as talked about in the world of racing, but in the realm of beauty, fashion, and modeling, Vandebosch has definitely got it going on. Let’s learn a little bit more about Gordon’s other half.

What You Need to Know About Ingrid Vandebosch

Originally born in Belgium, Ingrid Vandebosch started her modeling career when she was 16. It only took around a year before she was discovered by Parisian agents, which initiated her move over there. She stayed in Paris for the next seven years and worked on a variety of projects for Christian Dior perfumes. Additionally, she appeared in tons of different magazines, including Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, and Glamour. In 1990, Vandebosch won the Elite Look of the Year Award.

It was at this time that she made the big move to New York City to pursue opportunities with modeling and film. It paid off well for her, because she landed movie roles in Going Greek, Taxi, and The Insider. She later became the face of a cosmetics line called Artistry. The Belgian model also had her own line of lingerie, which saw great success. By 2008, Vandebosch even had the honor of being featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

NASCAR Champion's Banquet Jeff Gordon Ingrid Gordon
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Back in 2002, Jeff and Ingrid were first introduced thanks to a mutual friend, but they didn’t actually start dating until just over two years later. Once they were finally together, love was in the air. By 2006, they announced their engagement and the wedding involved a private ceremony in Mexico. A year later, Ingrid gave birth to their first daughter, Ella Sofia Gordon, and the following year their son Leo Benjamin Gordon was born. They’ve been one happy family ever since.


These two seem like they’re living the life, but I can’t blame them. They’ve both put in tons of hard work over their careers, and it has paid off big time (to the tune of a hundred-million dollar net worth). I wish these two and their children the best of luck in their future, and I hope we continue to see them do great things in the world.


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This post was originally published on December 21, 2020.

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