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Being the wife of a NASCAR driver is no easy task. They have to be fully committed to the racing lifestyle if things are going to work out. Luckily for Ty Dillon — who drives part-time in the NASCAR Cup Series and Xfinity Series —  his beautiful wife Haley Dillon is just as invested to the sport as he is.

In fact, Haley has been extremely supportive of Dillon’s career since they first started dating. Wherever he’s traveling, you can guarantee she’ll be cheering him on. Interestingly enough, she used to be a race car driver herself, so she’s more than familiar and comfortable with the motorsports environment. Let’s take a second to learn more about Haley, and she and Ty’s motivating relationship.

What to Know About Haley Dillon

Haley Dillon lives a wholesome family lifestyle currently, and she’s got an interesting backstory. On top of being a race car driver in her past, she was also a former cheerleader for the Charlotte Hornets NBA team. Additionally, she enjoys candle making, different acting jobs, and even some modeling in her free time. Things changed entirely when she first met Dillon during a Florida race event.

The two fell head over heels in love with each other, and soon got engaged in 2013. Girlfriend Haley Carey officially became wife Haley Dillon when the couple got married in 2014. Seeing as Ty Dillon was driving for Richard Childress Racing at the time, it was only suitable that his grandfather, famous NASCAR team owner Richard Childress, set aside a date at Childress Vineyards for the ceremony.


The Dillons even began trending online as they took things a step further in true NASCAR fashion by driving the No. 3 Chevrolet from the ceremony to the reception. It was a relatively small wedding overall, but close family members such as his brother Austin Dillon were in attendance.

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Since the wedding, the couple have had two children. Daughter Oakley Ray and son Kapton Reed are the light of their lives, and it’s very apparent when you check out Haley’s social media account. She posts quality family-friendly content, and it looks like she’s thoroughly embracing all aspects of motherhood. She also makes different detailed videos discussing skincare techniques and recipes for some delicious meals.


These two really do seem like a perfect match. I can only wish them more luck as they continue on down their journey of marriage, family, and racing. We all need a supportive woman like Haley Dillon in our lives, but they’re certainly hard to come by. The sky is the limit for this young couple.

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This post was originally published on June 4, 2021.

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