This is the history of one the most dangerous racing series of all time


What do you do when the restrictions on a race series are too restrictive to actually field your monstrous, super-deadly cars?

Build safer cars? Oh, heck no, you throw the existing series out the window, grab five random pages out of a rule book somewhere and start a race group of your own.

James Pumphrey takes us back to school with some Group B knowledge in another episode of Donut Media's Up To Speed.


It's the only racing group that combined a blistering rally pace, liberal amalgamation clauses, and severed fingers. Group B paved the way for cars like the Lancia Delta S4 and the Ford RS200.

It was short lived, mostly due to the dangers the racing posed to spectators and drivers, but it gave the world hours of spectacular footage.

Group B is the spirit of rally.

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