A premier racing series requires premier carbon-fiber Champagne

There are those who celebrate a late night win at the local drag strip by cracking open a tasty Old Style, and then there's Formula One.

The series has just signed a new deal with "Champagne Carbon" and, you guessed it, they serve their finest Champagne out of a Carbon-Fiber coated bottle that costs $3,000 for the 1.5-liter normally used on the podium after an F1 victory. If that's not enough Champagne for you, they also sell a 15 liter bottle that will run you a cool $50,000.


These bottle are the real deal and take a craftsman a full week to make using a unique 21-step process. Each bottle used at the races will be labeled gold, silver and bronze and will feature their vintage 2009 Blanc de Blanc Grand Crus Millesime.


F1 Commercial director Sean Bratches had this to say about the new bottles:

"Tradition, mystique, celebration and taste are common characteristics of both Formula 1 and Champagne Carbon. The unique feature of a bottle made with carbon, the material so representative of the amazing technology in our sport, is a further element that makes Champagne Carbon the perfect product for the drivers to celebrate with on a Formula 1 Grand Prix podium."

Sparkling wine made anywhere but Champagne, France can't be called real Champagne even if it is made using the exact same manufacturing process. If that's not enough to show you how serious the French are about their Champagne, there is actually a law that prohibits changing the shape of the bottles. Priorities people, priorities.

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