Oliver Rowland via Rowland Twitter page

Driver says he's under consideration for prime ride, but team says, not so fast


Formula 2 driver Oliver Rowland seems to be jumping the gun a bit. Or in this case, the green flag.

Motorsport.com reports that Rowland's team issued a press release saying that the 25-year-old Renault development driver was in talks with Williams Racing to become their second Formula 1 driver for the 2018 season.

"My team is in talks with Williams, as they are with other teams," Rowland said in the release. "British car, British driver it fits well."

Not so fast, says Williams. The F1 team is looking for a second driver to pair with Lance Stroll, but say Rowland is not being considered for the ride in 2018. They went so far as to say that there have not been any discussions about Rowland. Ouch.


Now it's a question of who to believe. It is thought that Rowland is being considered for a reserve role, but that Williams wants to finalize its primary lineup first. The team is said to be considering Robert Kubica, Daniil Kvyat, Sergey Sirotkin and Paul di Resta for the second seat.