Fernando Alonso is the most talked about driver in Formula 1 without winning a single race in what seems like forever. Ever since he joined the struggling McLaren-Honda team, Alonso has been subject to nonstop memes and rumors concerning his racing future.

The gist of the talk surrounding him is that the two time champion’s talents are being wasted in an uncompetitive and unreliable car.

A recent change to his Twitter account will not to anything to slow the roll of fans looking for any hint that he will be freed from his situation and be back to competing for wins and championships with a more competent team.

Changing his Twitter header photo to one of his own Karting school wouldn’t normally be cause for alarm, but with all the rumors swirling of his unhappiness with car, and McLaren’s unhappiness with Honda, it’s more about what he took down than what he replaced it with. This is what his page used to look like via Wayback Machine:

This isn’t the first time Alonso has excited the fans and their tea leaves. After running the Indy 500 and winning the rookie of the year. Alonso did nothing to quiet rumors that he would race in Indycar full time next year.

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While this change likely means nothing, that wont stop the internet. Ever. #FreeAlonso

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A two time champion racer sent Twitter into a frenzy among rumors of a team switch Mark Thompson / Getty Images
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