Pippa Mann isn't the only one angry. Fans rip FIA pick to lead women in racing committee


When the FIA announced its choice of Carmen Jorda to the Women In Motorsport Commission, IndyCar Series driver Pippa Mann, was livid, but she wasn't alone.

Furious IndyCar driver rips the person selected to represent women in racing

Fans have taken to Twitter since the announcement and shared their disbelief and disapproval of the FIA's choice. Many believe Jorda has no place representing women, when she has in the past said women and men shouldn't even race together.

Mann's post on Twitter garnered some attention from fans that feel the way she does.


To be fair, these were tweets found on Mann's Twitter post, but things didn't look any better for Jorda on her own page.

The fans, as well as Mann feel that Jorda's feelings towards women drivers as inferior is not a quality of a person that should be representing women in racing. Not to mention, Jorda has never finished higher than 10th, let alone won a race.