The Dodge Demon puts out way more power than we thought A2Speed/YouTube

If you thought the Dodge Demon couldn?t get any more impressive, than think again. Now that these cars are hitting the streets they are finding their way onto chassis dyno and subsequently onto YouTube. In this video posted by A2Speed, we see first hand how much power the Demon puts down to the rear wheels. This dyno test was performed on pump gas and Mopar claims using this type of fuel will get you 808 crank horsepower. Well, either this car only loses about 10% through the drivetrain or Dodge severely under-rated this drag strip monster.

The car makes 724 wheel horsepower and sounds fantastic doing it. In other words, the Demon produced about 880 crank horsepower if you factory in a standard 18% drivetrain loss typically associated with automatic equipped cars. In the description box, A2Speed says they will be back soon to test the Demon on race gas with the Dodge supplied high octane ECU. Considering how underrated this car is, it?s feasible that on race gas this car will produce more than 900 crank horsepower. Did we mention this is a street-legal car that anyone over the age of 16 can drive? Yea, stay safe out there.

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