First Erik Jones hit some stairs, then a more dangerous thing happened on the track

What was up in Charlotte on Saturday?

During the Xfininity series race, drivers weren't only confronted with their rivals and the track; they had to combat dangerous objects falling out of the sky.

That's the when the digital display board that sits on the flag stand and flashes numbers of cars that serve penalties.

"I didn't know what that was -- I was like, 'How did something like that fall off of somebody's car?'" Sam Hornish Jr., who finished second, said to ESPN. "I thought it maybe was a big piece of foam.

NASCAR said it would investigate what happened.

"If you had hit that, that would have been some trouble," Elliott Sadler said.

The falling display board happened after Erik Jones, while taping a NASCAR segment for NBC, crashed his car into a set of stairs that were inadvertently left on the track.

Here's a closer view.

The stairs were used to go from the grandstands to the infield.

"I never really knew what I hit," Jones said to ESPN. "It was pretty wild."