Denny Hamlin makes an accusation that has apparently infuriated NASCAR Motorspeedway on Twitter

NASCAR drivers on drugs? That’s what Denny Hamlin said on the BarStool Sports podcast — and NASCAR was quick to respond.

At about the 28 minute mark, Hamlin was asked if he thought there was a “significant amount of NASCAR drivers who take Adderaal or some other ADD” type medicine. After a pause, Hamlin said, “I would say yes.” When asked to put a percentage on it, he said, “70 percent.”

And that was it.

Now, keep in mind, this is BarStool Sports, an irreverent website and an irreverent show. On the podcast, for example, the hosts spent time asking whether Hamlin ever peed in a bottle or in his pants  Since we can’t see Hamlin, it’s impossible to tell whether he was serious when he gave his answers.

NASCAR apparently took it very seriously.

NASCAR writer Jeff Gluck tweeted a statement from a clearly irritated NASCAR.

NASCAR conducts random drug tests regularly, and among the list of prohibited substances is amphetamines. If any competitor is found to have tested positive for a substance taken without a prescription, NASCAR has a zero-tolerance policy and the member will be indefinitely suspended. Simply put, NASCAR is confident in its drug testing program.”

And, ESPN is reporting that NASCAR may have already addressed the remarks with Hamlin.

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