A promising young driver knows there is only one reason he doesn't have a ride in the Cup Series

It doesn't matter how good of a driver he is. It doesn't matter how likeable he is. It doesn't even matter how many fans he has. For Darrell "Bubba" Wallace Jr. to move to the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series as a full time driver, he needs money. And he is not getting it through sponsorships.

"I haven't had a sponsor in 15 years that I've been racing," Wallace said via Racer.com. "I've been doing that [looking for partners] since day one, no matter what the team is. We're still trying to bring our own money."

With all of the turnover and the trend of hiring young, cheap drivers, it is surprising that the popular, talented 23 year old can't find his way into the premier NASCAR series. With all of the big names that could be missing from the sport next year, NASCAR can't afford for top talent to be held out of the spotlight due to money concerns.

Wallace Jr. has long been rumored to be heading to Richard Petty Motorsports. RPM wanted him so badly the team was even willing to dump Aric Almirola and put Wallace in the No. 43. (RPM released Almirola after the team lost its Smithfield Food sponsorship.)

Front Row Motorsports has also been rumored to be interested in Wallace, so clearly there is interest in moving him up. Just not from sponsors so far.

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