With the latest class announced for NASCAR’s Drive for Diversity Development Team, we are reminded that these youngsters have a great chance to show up in the top levels of racing in the future.

And before you dismiss it as PR-talk for the program, see if you recognize any of these names:

Kyle Larson, Daniel Suárez and Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr.

These three Cup drivers represent the stars of the immediate future in NASCAR, and, if you hadn’t yet guessed, are all Drive for Diversity alums. These three drivers’ success gives a big boost of credibility to the program.

Speaking about Wallace, the first full time black NASCAR driver since 1971, Drive for Diversity’s Jusan Hamilton said via The Herald Sun, “It’s absolutely a win, it’s a win for the whole sport. It means a lot for where the sport is going and where the program has been able to get drivers to. That’s really our focus, is getting drivers on that level where they can showcase what they can do.”

It is a long road from the program to the Cup series, so it is no guarantee of racing success, but for a driver to be able to be in the same program that produced those three young stars is a big deal.

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Three of NASCAR’s stars owe their young careers to one program Jerry Markland/Getty Images
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