Danica Patrick has bad news for young, female racers looking for a mentor NESN Fuel via Twitter

Hey you young female drivers looking for a mentor. Maybe looking for a mentor who has been through the track wars at IndyCar and Xfinity and the Cup Series in NASCAR. Maybe looking for a mentor who knows her way around a garage. Someone who understands how to deal with the media.

Sounds like Danica Patrick, right?

Think again.

Patrick told Autoweek that she’s not into the mentoring thing.

“No, that’s not really something that interests me,” Patrick said. “I don’t really think I’m a great coach. I have a tough love. You should see me in the gym. Nobody wants to work out with me because I ‘no rep’ everybody. I’ve never seen that for myself.”

That may be disappointment to young drivers who look at Patrick and the strides she’s made on the track. The first woman to win and IndyCar race. The first woman to win a pole at the Daytona 500. But she knows herself, and mentoring isn’t what she does. What she wants to  do is spend the next year building her already impressive brand.

“Next year will just hopefully be my brand is built up,” she said. “I imagine myself traveling, vacations, knocking stuff off of a bucket list of things I want to do; yeah, building the other brands up.”
There you have it. Don”t expect to she her on the track in any capacity, although, as she noted, you never say never. Right now, she’s saying, I highly doubt it.

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