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Dale Jr. calls for an end to a confusing NASCAR rule that cost a driver a potential win


Ricky Stenhouse Jr. was penalized at the Clash for violating the "yellow line" rule, and Dale Jr. has had enough of it.

First, let's recap what happened.

At the Clash, Stenhouse tried to pass on the inside, between the No. 18 of Kyle Busch and the yellow line. When Busch forced Stenhouse below the yellow line, Stenhouse stayed on the gas and passed Busch  as he came back on the track.

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According to NASCAR, that's a penalty because the rule -- which only applies to Daytona and Talladega --was implemented to keep cars from driving onto the apron to make passes.


Stenhouse wasn't at all happy, and threatened to wreck a driver next time.

And, he picked up some support as Dale Earnhardt Jr. weighed in and questioned the rule.

NASCAR official Steve O'Donnell then weighed in and said the rule is clear.

That didn't satisfy Junior.


Sounds like a reasonable suggestion.