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Dale Jr. Surprises Diehard Fan on "Rachael Ray Show"



Justin Kagan is a diehard Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan. Not only does the Alabama native have a racing trailer that's stocked with priceless Dale Jr. collectibles, but he also actually competes as short track racer, first falling in love with the sport of auto racing thanks to his dad.

Justin has shared his love for NASCAR and racing with his wife Bridget, and, with a little help from The Rachael Ray Show, she was able to help surprise him with an appearance from Junior himself. It's something that Justin will probably never forget, and considering that Bridget was moved to tears by the visit, it'll definitely hold a special place in her heart as well.

Even if you're not much of a daytime TV fan, you have to admit that this is a pretty awesome moment.


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That was really something, wasn't it? Just hearing the way Bridget talks about Justin's Dale Jr. fandom, you know this had to have meant the world to him.

"His biggest dream is to meet Dale Jr," Bridget said in a pre-taped segment. "When he's talking about him, he's like a teenage girl at a Harry Styles concert."

"Growing up as a little girl, you always dream of that person you are going to marry," she says. "He just does so much for us and I just wanted to do something for him because he always puts us first."


As if meeting Junior weren't cool enough, the NASCAR legend also offered the Kagans the opportunity to be his guests at the 2019's Darlington race. What a guy!

Despite being retired from full-time NASCAR racing, Dale still keeps pretty busy, as a NASCAR broadcaster, podcast host, racing team owner, part-time racer, and full-time dad. But, even with his hectic schedule, Dale still makes time for his fans, and that's pretty damn cool.

This post was originally published on October 18, 2018.


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