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Dale Earnhardt Jr is worried about a big move his favorite team just made


When it was announced that the Washington Redskins made a move to add the Kansas City Chief's Alex Smith and send Kirk Cousins into free agency, the critics came out in numbers. Most notably: longtime Washington fan Dale Earnhardt Jr.

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When Earnhardt learned that Washington traded for Smith from Kansas City he said, "Nothing dull about being a Redskins fan."

The move made to acquire Smith from the Chiefs will send up-and-coming defensive star Kendall Fuller as well as a third-round draft pick. The move will put Cousins on the free agent market and will clear some cap space for Washington. The team had applied the franchise tag to Cousins for the past two seasons and if they were to do so again he would've made upwards of $34 million for the 2018 season.


Earnhardt believes his favorite team is paying a veteran of Smith's caliber far more than they should, and that letting go of such a promising young talent in Fuller will be a regrettable mistake.

Earnhardt understands it would've been far too expensive for the team to keep Cousins. The ability to build around Cousins would've been tough with a lack of funding.

There are a list of team that could benefit from the services of Cousins and Earnhardt believes the Denver Broncos would be the best fit for him.