Dale Earnhardt, Jr. and Jimmie Johnson in Vegas by Jonathan Ferrey Getty Images

Dale Earnhardt Jr. doesn't mind embarrassing himself in Las Vegas


What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...unless it happens to get posted to YouTube. And that seems to be fine with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Earnhardt Jr. stopped by a recording of the Glass Case of Emotion podcast with Ryan Blaney and Kim Coon when he divulged that he's a big karaoke fan, admitting he has his own karaoke machine at home. His favorite song? Little Sister by Elvis Presley. He even sang a quick line, but then even more quickly stopped.

"It's actually a fun song to sing, and a pretty easy song to sing. We should probably do some karaoke one night," said Earnhardt Jr.


He then takes part in the Appreci88ion event designed specifically for Earnhardt Jr. to relive some of his favorite NASCAR moments plus tell some great off-track stories. One in particular involved fellow driver Jimmie Johnson and taking a long bike ride.

"Jimmie has been riding long enough that he's real smooth and he can stay right on the white line on the side of the road," Earnhardt relates. "I don't want to work this hard pedaling out here in the wind by myself...I want to draft (behind Johnson) but I'm a little sketchy that close to the side of the road, so I was really nervous. I was kind of out there weaving in the middle of the road and this guy flipped us off cause I was in the way."

Mind you, this was done in full riding gear including the somewhat embarrassing spandex shorts. Needless to say, that in itself caused some funny moments when the group decided to keep riding past the 16-mile mark.


"He (Johnson) says 'we're gonna keep riding, do you want to ride anymore'. And I say no, I'm done. And then he asks, 'are you going to call Kenny to come get you and bring you back into the track', and I said no, I don't care who sees me in this (expletive) spandex because the last 16 miles are the hardest 16 miles in my life. So he was right, you get over the spandex really quick."