Coach Gibbs knows how the NFL and NASCAR are the same, and the big difference

NASCAR and the NFL have weirdly been at odds with each other lately after the two vastly different sports were dragged into a political argument they would have much rather avoided. Trying to share the spotlight on Sunday afternoons doesn't help the rift growing between the two. But one man, who knows a thing or two about both organizations, thinks they are much more alike than different.

Talking with NBC's NASCAR America, "Coach" Joe Gibbs talked about his transition from the NFL to racing and what similarities and differences he saw between the two sports.

He mentions how he was, "scared to death to go into something else," since all he knew was coaching football before realizing the two sports were the, "same exact thing." After settling into his new role, Gibbs realized that for football or auto racing, the most important ingredient in a successful team is the people. And people he could manage. Getting the right people in place is important regardless of setting.

Gibbs said he equates a great quarterback with a great driver, and a great coach with a great crew chief. Get all the right people in a place to succeed and succeed they will.


The biggest difference Gibbs sees is that that each individual NASCAR team relies heavily on sponsors. Even so, Gibbs loves dealing with people and that served him as well in the sponsorship game as everywhere else.

Even the personalities of the athletes is similar. Gibbs used to joke with Dale Earnhardt that he would have been a great linebacker. He never complained, he handled everything the right way and, oh yeah, he liked to hit.

Gibbs obviously enjoys both sports immensely and when asked to decide between NASCAR and football championships, he said: "It's like having babies, they're all great"

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