A NASCAR legend joins Twitter and his fans go crazy



Nowadays, what a NASCAR driver does on social media is almost as important as what he does on the race track.

Take unemployed NASCAR driver Landon Cassill for example. The 28-year-old made 259 starts in the Cup Series, but has only one top-10 finish to his name. However, Cassill is known for working well with sponsors, especially via social media. In 2017, he asked Twitter followers to take pictures when they visited a Love's Travel Stop and ask where Cassill was. If they did this, Cassill would then retweet their message. This how a driver with a mediocre resume has successfully maintained a rather strong fan base.

On the other end of this equation is NASCAR legend Carl Yarborough. On top of winning 83 Cup Series races and being the first driver to win three consecutive championships (76-78), Yarborough is credited with popularizing the sport thanks to his fight with the Allison brothers following the 1979 Daytona 500. That was the first time a NASCAR race was broadcast in its entirety and more people seemingly remembered that race for the fist fight, rather than the fact that Richard Petty picked up the victory, according to the New York Times.


Now, the 78-year-old Yarborough has joined the Twitter community and racing fans are absolutely eating it up.

With only 32 tweets since joining, it's obvious that Yarborough has his work cut out for him if he hopes to reach Cassill's level of social media savviness. But, if Yarborough works as hard on Twitter as he did driving a race car, then he should have no problem learning the ins and outs of the platform.

Perhaps, best of all, many of Yarborough's fans have already thanked the NASCAR icon for taking the time to learn Twitter and have even shared old-school photos of Yarborough from his time in the Cup Series.