Luke Davenport crashed his British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) Ford Focus in June, and has finally made it back behind the wheel of a race car. The qualifying crash shattered Davenport’s pelvis and left him in a coma for several weeks according to His is the yellow car seen motionless and banged up after the crash:

He required a cage to be screwed to his pelvis, a plate in his shoulder and a rod in his leg. After being sidelined for months, the 24 year old ran testing laps for Motorbase Performance.

There is a lot going through the mind of a racer getting back on track after a crash for the first time, as Davenport alluded to when he said, “It is such a relief to be back behind the wheel. There were no flashbacks, and I was able to just regain the feeling of driving without anything holding me back, which was the main thing I was worried about before I went out. I wasn’t going at 100% – maybe I was about 10% away from that – but this has given me the personal satisfaction that I can still do it. It is a weight off my mind.”

It may take a while for him to regain the speed he had prior to the race, but getting that first drive out of the way without having “flashbacks” as he called them, is a big deal. Even physically, he noticed he has some adjustments to make, saying:

“There was no physical pain as such, but some of the movements inside the car were tricky with the pedals. However, I am only halfway through my recovery. I will be fully up to strength by February, according to the doctors.”

By then, he is looking to be picking off where he left off before the wreck.

“We were making real strides with the squad before the shunt,” He said. “aAd I would love to return so we can build on that pace.”

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A horrific crash left him in a coma, and now, he’s finally making his way back to the track Youtube Screen Shot
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