The "Blame JJ" movement is in full swing, with more people jumping on bandwagon


"So I'm on the slopes here in Aspen....and we can all blame Jimmy.".

And with five words, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. set off a tweet storm about Jimmie Johnson of which even Donald Trump would be proud. The "#blame JJ" movement has been going strong for years, but Earnhardt's video tweet sent it into overdrive. Over 80-thousand views of this video and counting, with many of Earnhardt, Jr's fans picking up the mantra, some in a negative way.


Some obviously taking it a little serious, like blaming Johnson for NASCAR's ratings and attendance woes. Then Earnhardt, Jr clarified how he uses the hashtag.

It's all positive for Jr when it comes to Johnson. He gives him credit for introducing him to enjoyable things outside of NASCAR. And then Earnhardt, Jr. asked the question "Wonder what's next?" His followers offered up just a few suggestions.

NASCAR fans are seriously into this game and being pretty creative when it comes to things to blame Johnson for, even this recent winter blast.

This fun with Jimmie Johnson shows no sign of slowing down any as we head into the new NASCAR season.