One Cup series team is in such disarray it didn't get on the practice track at Charlotte

BK Racing has been embroiled in a financial dispute with its engine builder, REP, for a while now, and that dispute reportedly boiled over Friday -- to BK's detriment.

In short, the engine manufacturer took their toys and went home.

BK's two cars -- the Nos. 23 and 83 -- got through qualifying inspection but didn't take the track as the owners of the team and engine builder attempted to work out an ongoing financial dispute.

BK hasn't paid for the engines, and on Friday, the engine tuners  left the garage and took the modules and codes needed to fire the engines. according to Kickin The Tires. The two sides are trying to work out an agreement,

This is the continuation of an ongoing payment saga for a while. A court ruled that BK had to pay REP $1.46 million for the engines, but could receive the engines.

BK owner Ron Devine told Kickin' the Tires, "We'll be fine. No story here."

Don't tell that to his drivers. Corey LaJoie, the driver of the No. 23, wasn't happy.

"It is hard to compete with the best stock car teams in the world when you don't get to practice," he said. "We are already fighting with both hands tied behind our back anyways and now we are trying to tie both legs behind our back, as well