NASCAR fans might soon need to turn to F1 for their engine-roar fix. According to TheDrive, The FIA met with Liberty Media (Formula One’s new owners), F1 teams and manufacturers to discuss noise. Mostly the need for more of it.

The new engine regulations won’t go into effect until 2021, but that’s only four more years of quiet V6 engines puttering around the track in a strange homage to Bernie Ecclestone’s delicate sensibilities. After that, it’s all the raucous top-of-the-line engine noises your bleeding ears desire.

This wise group of decision-making auto gurus also thought updating the engine requirements for 2021 to make cars faster, more powerful, and longer lasting would be a good idea, which yes, it’s an amazing idea.

All of this brings us back to poor NASCAR fans, who could soon be left wanting for more ear-splitting decibels. Formula One will soon feature faster cars, louder engines, more G-forces mashing drivers into their seats, and right turns. That’s twice the turns!

Altogether, F1 just made a pretty compelling argument for swapping allegiances, at least until NASCAR discovers that socializing isn’t the most important part of race day.

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At least one racing series knows that the fans want noise Brandon Wade / Getty Images
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