This week in NASCAR, Matt Kenseth edition: Alt-Driver readers speak out

Matt Kenseth has gone out in style, winning at Phoenix in a thrilling race. The likely future Hall of Famer, at 45, doesn't have a ride for next year after being let go by Joe Gibbs Racing, and now, he's ready to walk away from the sport and not be involved in it at all.

Alt-Driver readers reacted to Kenseth's win and his inability to get a ride and by in large had two thoughts -- wny doesn't he have a ride, and we'll sure miss him.

Daniel Bevier - life is not fair; here is a great driver without a ride while many drivers have a ride because they can bring a sponsor along with them. He is still in the top 10 best drivers of 2017. If only his daddy owned a casino or a home repair chain or had been a past NASCAR champion he would have a ride in 2018.

Jack Hartzell So glad he got one more win! Maybe another next week??? Not my favorite driver, but I have alwAys cheered him on when he had a chance to win. Really wanted Chase to win his first and move on, but he'll have many more chances in his career.

Richard W. Mohler Matt is probably the classiest driver on the grid. He raced clean and he raced fair.

Tanya Welch Smith I hate to see Matt end this year with no ride. He's a great classy guy with a lot of talent. So freakin glad that he won the race !!! These young spoiled brats coming up will never compare to the seasoned drivers.

Laurel McCommic When you retire at the top you will alway be a winner The best to Matt and family you still have many choices in life

Jackie R Moore There goes NASCAR for me.

Mary Kay O'Neil Riggs Still praying he gets a ride! Thanks for keeping it Classy Matt and all the great memories for WI.

Greg Morgan Good see you later Matt