Shelby Cobra 427 by RM Sothebys

Vintage street car expected to fetch millions at auction


If you've got a couple extra bucks or so burning a hole in your pocket, might want to take in the Sotheby's Arizona auction on January 18th. You could walk away with a mint-condition 427 S/C Cobra that is expected to sell for around $2 million.

The S/C Cobra, standing for "semi-competition", is based on the Carroll Shelby/Ford 427 competition design with that never got into racing. According to, Shelby shelved the idea after approval was denied by FIA officials. Auto execs decided to take the chassis and make "the fastest road-going car ever built". reports the Cobra has only had four previous owners and was recently restored by Cobra expert Mike McCluskey to "about as perfect an example as you can get of all the S/C Cobras in existence today."


"Upon stripping and disassembly of the car, it was determined that all body panels were original, as well as the engine, drivetrain, interior, and accessories," McCluskey told "The vehicle appeared to have suffered minimal if any, accident damage and road rash over its lifetime of use."

The car features a 42-gallon fuel tank, Ford 7.0-liter 500hp engine, oil cooler, side exhausts, and dual batteries.