Here's how to avoid getting burned on a used car purchase


Buying a used car is a major financial decision. Pick a good one, and it will give you years of service, and you may even give it a nickname like the "Silver Bullet," or "Sparky." Pick a bad one, and your life could turn into a living hell until you inevitability trade it in for next to nothing on a newer car.

The difference between a good used car buying experience and a bad one can be as simple as getting a potential car inspected by a professional. Sure you can look at a Carfax, title history and some pictures, but even more important than you test driving a car, is a professional lifting the car up in the air and checking out all the major components.

In my latest video on the LegitStreetCars YouTube channel, I show you around a very nice looking 2008 Mercedes-Benz S55O. When new this car was over $100,000 and comes with cool high-tech features like night vision, adaptive cruise control, dual panoramic sunroofs and much more. The problem is, none of those features work anymore, and the car needs about $10,000 is work to be considering in "good" condition. I show you all the parts that need to be replaced and give you an estimate on the repairs. The cost to repair some of these items will blow your mind.


A friend of mine owned this car, and he decided the quickest way to sell it was taking it to a CarMax that will buy any car right there on the spot. Considering the car has a fair market trade in value of about $8,000, we thought they would offer around half of that. To our surprise CarMax offered $7,000 and after I filmed the video, my friend who I named the "Car Destroyer," sold the car to CarMax. This car will eventually be sold to someone, and if you watch this video, you'll know how never to be that someone who ends up with a lemon like this one.