Here are the cars that would make up our perfect two car garage


It's a very common game among car enthusiasts: The perfect two car garage. What two cars combine to fulfill all of your automotive needs? There are endless variations and rules applied to this game, and all of them produce a wide range of answers.

The perfect pair of cars depends a lot on personal taste, life situation and, of course, how insane you have to be to commute in that track-prepped race car of your dreams.

We wanted to find the ultimate car combinations to inspire all of our readers to not have boring answers next time they are playing with their friends. Don't be that guy that chooses a Toyota Camry and a used pickup truck. That being said, there have to be SOME rules just to narrow down the options.

-These are the only two cars you can use: No using the spouse's Prius for your commute.


-Cars must fit your current life situation: Answers would be a lot different if everyone could commute by helicopter and didn't have to worry about things like car seat fitment.

-Each car must cost under $100k: This is to make the answers a little more realistic than a Bugatti and a fighter jet.

-Cost to own: Insurance, maintenance, etc is paid by whatever magic genie is giving us these cars in the first place. We're still on the hook for gas, though.

Obviously the name of the game here is versatility. If you can only have two vehicles for any situation you could ever encounter, you need those vehicles to do a little bit of everything.


Now that game has been explained to death, let's get right into it. Because there is no alphabetism here at Alt-Driver, our own Will Lewis is up first:

Will Lewis-

1969 Alfa Romeo GTV:


"The '69 Alfa is just fun, but it's definitely not a daily. At the end of the day it's still an Alfa, but it'll look pretty when it's being worked on in my garage and it'll drive like hell when it runs."

Bollinger B1:

"The B1 solves the dilemma of wanting to drive off-road while not wanting to totally trash the environment. It has also got everything I need in a daily. I commute a half mile to work anyway, so I'm only ever really in a car on the weekends."

Anthony Brown-

2000 Acura NSX-T:


"The NSX is my all time favorite car and this year got the 6 speed, a bigger engine and the targa top. The targa top satisfies my want for a convertible but the car is still old enough to have the awesome pop-up headlights. It is all the fun I will ever need on the weekends."

2018 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron:

"For my Atlanta commute/baby hauling/bike carrier, a hybrid wagon that can run on pure EV or get 35 mpg is the perfect fit. My bikes can fit on a roof rack and the baby and her stroller will fit comfortably in the back."

Alex Palmeri-


2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk:

"The 707 horsepower Trackhawk becomes our baby hauler. Daily driving the Jeep isn't very green, but I'm driving a Trackhawk so... whatever."

2017 Chevrolet Corvette Z06:


"The 'Vette gets modded into a low 9 second drag car that I can also cruise in on the weekends."

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