This Mercedes AMG CarMax appraisal goes directly towards those affected by Hurricanes

Hurricane Harvey is no joke. The destruction it has caused will continue to negatively affect the people of Texas for years to come. People have died, homes have been destroyed and worst of all, it's not over.

When I started my YouTube channel, LegitStreetCars, my intention was to make videos on anything car related that interested me. In the last year, the channel has evolved, and I now have three active project cars that I cover. One of those cars is a 1999 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG that I bought for only $200, running, driving and with a clean title. It was an amazing deal and, even though it needs a ton of work, I got lucky.

Since luck is something the folks down south could use more of, I thought it would be pretty neat to donate some money to them in a fun and interesting way. If you haven't seen the YouTube videos of people bringing in weird, exotic or modified cars to CarMax for an appraisal, you need to check them out. Since CarMax will buy any car from anybody, they have to make an offer. However, since CarMax is in the business of selling newer cars that have high resale and haven't been modified, these offers are often very low.

I brought my C43 in for an appraisal with the intentions of donating whatever they offered to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey. After meeting my sales person Jonathan, he walked me through the process, I signed off and they started. They did a complete inspection, test drove the car and ran its VIN number to check title and accident history.

If you've followed car you know that its in horrible shape so the report was not good. In the end, I was presented with the offer by 3 CarMax employees. This was kind of strange but was quickly cleared up when they said: "Well, Alex from LegitStreetCars, here's your CarMax offer on your C43." These guys knew the whole time I was there to make a video on getting my crappy $200 Mercedes appraised. They were all super cool and played along the whole time. The offer was a whooping $201.

Although they added the $1 for fun, this was a real offer. They can't play around too much with this stuff and honestly, I think I was lucky to get more than 50 bucks. I donated all $201 to the American Red Cross, specifically their Hurricane Harvey relief fund. Below is the link to the American Red Cross

Enjoy the video and remember every penny counts and there are many places online to donate.

American Red Cross