There's a danger to fall driving we hoped was fake


It's fall, and while raking the yard sucks, you are at least rewarded with a huge pile of leaves to play in. However, whatever you do, don't drive through an awesome leaf pile on the side of the road. You may have already heard stories as to why.

The story goes like this, a man coming home from work drives through a pile of leaves totally unaware that kids were playing in the pile.

We have heard variations of this story for years and long hoped it was just an urban legend. A very plausible story that gives a great reason to never drive through these piles, but a story nonetheless.

We weren't the first to wonder if these stories were true, either. Snopes has an entire page dedicated to it. Sadly, the account is more or less spot on. While the details of these stories change, there are horrifying real events that back up the idea that you should never drive through a pile.


There are at least two such stories on the page, one from 2004 and one from 2013. In both, a pair of young girls was playing in the pile of leaves when someone drove through them or parked in their normal spot on top of the leaves leading to the death of one or both of the little girls.

These awful stories are more than enough to keep us far away from any leaf piles while driving.