With Daytona just around the corner, three huge Cup series questions are still unanswered


Ah Christmas. People are with their families, enjoying the holiday season and looking forward to the New Year, For NASCAR, that New Year beings three big questions that, surprisingly, still don't have an answer. They are:

Will Danica Patrick ride in the Dayton 500?

You can also add to that the Indy 500. When Patrick announced she was leaving NASCAR as a full-time driver, she said she wanted to race in the Daytona 500 and Indy 500 and go out in style. So far, those dreams are more like nightmares. No one (that we know of) has stepped up to offer her a suitable ride for Daytona, and her most likely options to race at Indy have dried up. I can't believe either series -- NASCAR or IndyCar -- wont work to  make this happen because each series would get a marketing bonanza by having her on the track. That's especially important for NASCAR, which has lost some big names (Dale Jr., Matt Kenseth).

Will the No. 27 ride in 2018?

That's looking less and less likely. The Richard Childress car still doesn't have a sponsor, and no sponsor means no funds to run it. Brendon Poole has been the rumored driver for that car, but that talk has stalled. There is an interesting option -- could NASCAR help find a sponsor to run the No. 27 for Danica Patrick at Daytona? Hmmmmmmmm.  That makes a lot of sense to me. But whatever's going to happen with that car needs to happen fast.

Will Jeffrey Earnhardt find a ride?

If you follow social media, you know that's a groundswell of support that wants to see Earnhardt in a competitive car in 2018. The only problem is, it's late in the game. There are seem weird.


What's more likely to happen?

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