Here are our 10 favorite cars from the largest monthly car show in North America Scott Markle / Alt_Driver

The first Sunday of every month, directly across the street from the Alt_Driver offices, is Caffeine and Octane, the largest monthly car show in North America. The show is open to all makes and models, is free to attend and even has it’s own TV show. Having such an awesome variety of cars just across the street every month is too much to pass up, and here are 10 of our favorite American classics from the last show:

These are just scratching the surface. The event attracts thousands of cars from all corners of the automotive landscape. The show features exotics you thought you would never see in person right next to classics you never thought you’d see again, or purpose built race cars yards away from bone stock daily drivers.

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Anthony Brown's crowning achievements are rebuilding a $500 Honda VFR and getting rid of his wife's beige Camry. He has owned nine cars in the last ten years, none of them automatic.
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