[VIDEO] In A Muddy Off-Road Rally, Better Make Sure Your Windshield Wipers Work YouTube

Ryan Symancek has been documenting his life as an amateur drifter and he has some of the most amazing stories. This one, from the time he entered the American Rallycross Series using his friend Ryan’s Subaru Impreza wagon, taught him a very valuable lesson about one of the simplest things you can check before a race. The competition took place on a synthetic dirt mixture which was extremely difficult to clean off once the mixture got wet. With the track still holding water from rain the previous day, the rally course turned treacherous when a racer crossing in front of Ryan kicked up a ton of mud onto the windshield which he couldn’t clear off at all. To this day, he still doesn’t know how he managed to drive for the short time he could not see, before another racer who couldn’t see and lost control wrecked into his buddy’s car, putting him and another car out of the race for good. No one was hurt, but it sucks to look your friend in the eye and know you’ve wrecked his ride.

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