WARNING! If you’re an animal lover or get squeamish at certain sights, this is not the story for you. Stop right here.

Ok? Then let’s proceed. The following is what happens when a pair of cows play chicken with a truck going over 100 mph. You can imagine it doesn’t end well.

Last week was the Parker 425, an off-road race for trophy-class trucks held in the Arizona desert outside of Parker, reports Christian Sourapas and teammate John Tondro were in the #91 Terrible Herbst truck racing along at 112 mph when two cows ran onto the course from the right side.

“Before I could even react, we [were] smashing into both of them sending us into a shock and veering the truck to the left,” Sourapas told the Race-Dezert forums. “Blood and guts everywhere. I knew it was gonna be a day-ender, but as I was thinking that, the truck caught, and we started tumbling.”

Truck hitting cows in desert race/Sourapas Motorsports

The 360 Video posted on YouTube by Sourapas Motorsports shows there was absolutely no time to react as the cows ran out. Mercifully, it was a quick end to the cows, but the windshield looked like a crime scene as the truck launches off the course and begins tumbling.

“As we were crashing, all I was thinking about was when this was gonna stop,” said Sourapas. “We were in the air for a while, and I was praying to God that this wasn’t it. I was afraid that JT or I wasn’t going to make it. It was scary because I never had thought I had a chance of dying until this moment.”

Both Sourapas and Tondro survived, banged up but not injured. The truck and cows, not so much.

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Cows and race trucks don’t mix Sourapas Motorsports / Youtube
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