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Tractor Tug of War Is Blood-Pumping, Adrenaline-Inducing Fun

From pulling contests in the Midwest to races in Russia to just plain old tomfoolery in the backyard, tractors can be used in a number of extreme off-roading activities. But, nothing shows the pure diesel-fueled power of those massive machines quite like a tractor tug of war.

In a video from Cars News Central, we're treated to some of the best tractor tug of war match-ups to ever go down. After checking out this footage, you're gonna want to hop into a John Deere tractor and see what this tractor tug of war craze is all about.

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So many classic match-ups! The Case IH 550 Trac versus the John Deere 9630t was definitely a pretty epic showdown, given the size of the machines and the muddy terrain they were facing off on. That definitely showed what extreme off-roading is all about. There was also the Tatra 8?--8 versus the Claas, which looked to be a mismatch size-wise, but ended in a draw.

Speaking of size mismatches, the tractor vs. non-tractor tug of wars also made for some interesting competitions. You had the Deutz facing off against the Porsche, which really wasn't even close at all. Then, you had a Fendt taking on a BMW, which showcased the Fendt's awesome power. The Ursus C-330 put up a decent fight against the Jeep (considering that the Jeep had a 4?--4), but ultimately, the Jeep came out on top.

Which tug of war match-ups were your favorite?

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