Chevy’s Colorado ZH2 Concept Is Only For The Military And Runs On Fuel Cells

With what looks like something more at home in a video game than an actual battlefield, Chevy unveiled their newest addition to the Colorado platform, the mil-spec ZH2. The hulking utility vehicle features industrial strength tow hooks, and a winch, multiple LED lighting arrays, and both the cab and chassis have been significantly extended to accommodate the Army’s ever-evolving needs. What’s most interesting about the new concept, which the military will begin testing next year, is the hydrogen fuel cell-powered electric motor, which the military hopes will limit its dependence on fossil fuels and run much quieter and cleaner out in the field. While we likely won’t see the consumer-end version of this car anytime soon, don’t expect this to be the final Army version either. Bullet- and bomb-proof armor don’t need to look sexy to work.

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