The odd-looking B1 sports utility truck looks like a FJ40 and Tesla love child

It's the love child of an FJ40 and a Tesla, and it's exactly what every environmentalist who'd rather leave the city limits for a couple days in the mountains has been pining for. In short, Bollinger Motors' B1 sports utility truck is a step towards perfection, and a large part of that is due to the simplicity and sense of purpose associated with the design.

Bollinger Motors founder Robert Bollinger unveiled the B1 at an event  at the Manhattan Classic Car Club. The B1's body resembles the Defender, with sharp edges and hard lines, giving the truck a "go anywhere, survive anything" vibe.

The B1 can swap between a half-bed truck and SUV with a detachable roof, and if you remove the rear seats, you have 95 cubic feet of cargo space. That's not all either, because the B1 doesn't need a motor under the hood, that's all storage too. And the front compartment comes equip with it's own tail gate. The best part is that the B1 is open from rear to front, meaning all those compartments connect with the cabin, giving drivers a massive amount of space.

The B1 is expected to hit trails within 19 months, and you can reserve yours today for free. That'll give you the time you need to come up with the $60,000 needed to buy the car.