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YouTube: mytubewp

There are few thrills in this world like off-roading. Everyone’s got a special hobby. Off-roading is the hobby of thrill seekers looking to experience the clash between nature and machine in unique vehicles. The Barracuda is one of those unique vehicles. Think go-kart meets off-road buggy.

This high-performance buggy build was fitted with a motorcycle engine. The one-seater buggy design’s got the power to take on any Kawasaki or Yamaha. This thing’s even a match for the Suzuki Hayabusa bike engine. The Barracuda is the ultimate off-road mini buggy, and the DIY assembly makes it even more fun.

Check out some footage of The Edge Products’ Barracuda.

Fairey Barracuda MK II Specs 

The dune buggy is named after the Fairey Barracuda, a British dive bomber produced during the WWII era. The Barracuda MK II incorporates a new rear suspension that is built tough and uses even tougher suspension arms, giving it the best handling and stability possible. The MKII features smaller wheels than the Barracuda MK I.

It has a faster acceleration time than any of Edge Products’ Piranha models. It can go 0-60 MPH in 4.5 seconds! Imagine hitting a trail in a kart that fast. The top speed can land anywhere between 75 and an insane 120 MPH, depending on the build. It weighs in at an incredibly light 990 pounds. The Australian-made vehicle would cost about $7,720 after currency conversion. Not bad at all for the off-roading kart of your dreams.

Whether you’re on the trail or in the dunes, this thing really goes. This definitely isn’t grandpa’s build that made it down a hill in one piece. This mean machine combines speed with surprising durability and endurance that no one would expect from this kind of build. The suspension can take a beating and the acceleration is enough to dry wet hair. The MK II has become extremely popular in Australia and New Zealand. Is this off-roading mini buggy on your wish list?

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