A Texas Sheriff threatened pickup truck owners over their Trump bumper sticker

Mike and Karen Fonseca have some guts. To put a giant sticker on their truck proclaiming, "F*** Trump and F*** you for voting for him," and then driving around Texas undeniably proves that they are fearless. If they didn't have enough to worry about with their neighbors, the Fort Bend County sheriff also went after the couple after seeing their truck.

The Sheriff deleted it, but the screen grab of this Facebook post shows Sheriff Troy E. Nehis was looking for information about the truck and said the prosecutor could charge the owners with disorderly conduct if an 'agreement regarding a modification' couldn't be reached.

The couple did not respond kindly to the threat, of course, as CBS reports Karen Fonseca said, "There's no law against freedom of speech, nothing in the law book here in Texas, I've been stopped numerous times, but they can't write me a ticket."

The Sheriff eventually softened his stance, saying he supported their freedom of speech but expressed concern over their safety as long as they leave the sticker up. Mike Fonseca, however, doesn't seem too worried about it.

"No plans to take it down," he said. "Unless he can show me where it says that in the law book, it's not coming down until the weather takes it down or I replace it with something else."

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