Americans love pickup trucks, and Elon Musk wants to give them what they want


Pickup trucks and America go together like bread and butter. In fact, for many automakers, the truck and SUV segment is their bread and butter as a large portion of their profits come from these types of vehicles. Elon Musk knows that, to come full circle with an intriguing lineup, Tesla will need to release a pickup truck sometime soon. In a tweet earlier this month he announced to the world that Telsa would make a pickup.

The Model Y that he's referring to is going to be a crossover based on the current Model 3. The model Y, Model X, and a future pickup would complete the trifecta of the most popular selling vehicles on the road today. No further details are available on a Tesla Pickup, but you can expect the usual Tesla pedigree. A stylish, powerful, user-friendly truck that is sure to impress. The only question is, would your typical construction worker, boat hauler or hunter consider buying an electric pickup? This may be the toughest crowd yet for Elon and the Tesla crew to convert into electric car believers, and price is going to play a huge factor especially if they expect any significant fleet sales.

Musk later tweeted that he expects it to be around F-150 sized. Or bigger, if he includes a secret feature that he considers a game-changer in the truck market. We'll be interested to see what he can come up with.

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