Flag burning demonstrator planning to show up at another race; this time in the South / Youtube

Gene Stilp is an activist who has found his schtick. He has burned half Confederate, half Nazi flags at the Bloomsburg, Pen fair and at a NASCAR race at Dover International Speedway.

Now, Mr. Stilp is ready to take his demonstration to the next level. is reporting that Stilp is taking his demonstration to Talladega Superspeedway. He says he has been told he will get a much different reception in Alabama after a successful and drama-free demonstration in Delaware.

“I think we made our point in very good fashion,” Stilp said of his Dover International Speedway experience.

According to, Silp’s aim is to, “[…] expand the whole racial conversation beyond kneeling to include the whole racial discussion,” and talk about the role President Trump has in igniting outrage.

He then explained that NASCAR events are his choice of location because a race is, “A type of event where the Confederate flag has a definite foothold.”

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