Photo credit: Nigel Kinrade Photography

NASCAR announces procedure changes for Chicago weekend

NASCAR has made some changes to the race procedure ahead of the doubleheader weekend on the streets of Chicago.

According to a map provided by the sanctioning body, multiple key locations have moved. Chief among them is the choose V moving to another area. Last season, it was in Turn 9, an area Austin Cindric refers to as "The Banana." This year, the choose V will be the entry to Turn 6.

Photo credit: NASCAR

In a corresponding move, NASCAR has moved the "one to go" line back from Turn 7 to Turn 5. The lights on the pace car will go off and then the drivers will immediately choose their preferred lane.

One area which remains the same as last season is Turn 12. This will still serve as the restart zone for the Xfinity Series and Cup Series races. Drivers will take the green flag and then they will immediately take a right turn. They will not be able to move out of their respective lanes until crossing the line at the exit of Turn 12.

The drivers and teams are aware of these changes, but they will have an opportunity to see them in person before practice and qualifying. They will take part in a track walk on Friday afternoon, which will allow them to see the new choose V and the updated "one to go" line.

Additionally, the teams and drivers will be able to learn more about the track during this two-and-a-half-hour session. They can see if the surface has drastically changed in a year, something that is very possible considering the winters in the Windy City.

"We don't really know what we're dealing with until the track walk," said Justin Haley, who finished second last season. "What's changed with the road surface -- potholes or other repairs, the location of the manhole covers, bumps, seams, paint -- anything that could be an obstacle.

"Going into the second year, NASCAR probably refined a lot of things like barrier replacement or braking markers."