That was fast.

NASCAR legend Mark Martin quickly reversed course, pulled down a critical tweet and said he regretted putting it up.

Here’s how all of this started:

Camping World CEO Marcus Lemonis criticized President Trump for his handling of the Charlottsville protest and told fans who side with the President to stay out of his businesses.

Lemonis he’s  “horrified” by what he’s seen coming out of the White House. He then went one step further:

“There’s no doubt that there is probably not many consumers in this country today that are in favor of what has been said in the last couple days and if they are, quite frankly, don’t shop at my business,” Lemonis said on CNBC’s “The Profit.” Here as his full remarks:

That didn’t fit well with Martin, who fired back, and said he would be cancelling a $150,000 order. He made the announcement in a tweet, that has since been taken down, but here’s a screen shot:

But then, after talking to Lemonis, Martin backtracked. He said he believed many articles about Lemonis misrepresented this statements, which is curious because they’re on tape.

Anyway, Lemonis also issued a statement that was far more conciliatory:

This probably will not be the last word on this.

In a quick reversal, NASCAR legend Mark Martin removes critical tweet, “regrets” it Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
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