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A high-speed police chase of any kind, regardless of the backstory, is enough to get anyone’s attention. But, when you have an armed robbery suspect behind the wheel of the car leading the chase and that suspect is pushing speeds of more than 130 MPH, you’ve got yourself a chase of a much higher caliber. You probably wouldn’t even see something like that on an episode of Cops.

Back in 2015, 24-year-old William Owens earned himself a 40-YEAR prison sentence, after he led police on an wild chase through Albany, Georgia. As you can see from the below dashcam video (a fairly high-quality dashcam video, by the way), the chase lasted for nearly 15 minutes before the intense arrest.

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[Owens] pleaded guilty to armed robbery charges and was sentenced to serve 15 years in prison without the chance of any parole.

Then he is to serve the remainder of a 40 year sentence on probation.

On March 24, 2015 Owens stole a Dougherty County man’s truck at gunpoint, and led police and state troopers on a high speed chase for dozens of miles, at speeds well over 100 miles an hour.

That chase went down Gillionville Road and onto North Slappey Boulevard, as police blocked off intersections to avoid crashes, as he sped through crowded Albany streets.

Finally Owens was stopped by a state trooper performing a the ‘PIT’ maneuver to spin him out, and then police blocked the stolen truck from moving.

It’s incredible that no one ended up getting hurt during the chase, especially when things moved to the busier streets towards the end. Owens probably thought he had a good chance of ditching the cops in the chaos, but boy, was he wrong. It just goes to show that no matter how elusive of a driver you think you are, it’s never a good idea to try escaping from the police. They’ll always catch ya.

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