Tens of millions of cars have been recalled his year, and a number of them are still on the road


Cars are being recalled for safety concerns at an alarming rate. According to the National Traffic safety administration, in 2016 there were 927 separate car recalls that involved a whopping 53 million vehicles. Recalls typically involve some sort of safety concern that can range from issues with the steering systems, latches, and even problems that can result in a fire. If it gets to the point of a recall, its an important issue and the car should be brought in immediately. Although recalls are covered by the manufacture, and there is no out of pocket expense for the car owner, around 30% of the vehicles never make it in for the repair.

There are many reasons why a car might not make it in for repair. Some owners don't understand the importance of the repair or don't understand what a recall is. Other times parts are not available, but the biggest reason is people just simply don't get the notification.

The Detroit Free Press reported that one state, Maryland, applied for a grant from the U.S. Department of Transportation to notify owners of open recalls when they register the vehicle. Starting in April the Maryland Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Administration will be launching a pilot program with the help of Cox Automotive. The government is pitching in $222,300 in hopes of promoting safety and potentially saving lives. The program will not prevent someone from registering the car, rather it will be a notice that most will appreciate.  Manufactures will still be required to mail out a notice and ultimately they are still primarily responsible for contacting owners.

For more on this story feel free to check out the article written by the Detroit Free Press.