A car gets burned to a crisp after it hits a deer


It's that time of the year in many parts of the country. That time when deer -- which seem to have no fear of hunks of metal traveling down a road -- jump out in front of cars and cause damage and even death.

Rarely do we see a car-deer accident that results in a fiery explosion.

But that's what happened in Columbus, IN. Aimie Heltman told Fox 59 that she was driving down a road when a large deer jumped in from of her Honda CRV. When she hit it, the car exploded and burst into flames -- and the CRV was burned to a crisp.

Heltman said no one -- miraculously -- was hurt. But she told the TV station:


"The deer got up and ran away, so if any of the local hunters are out and find a big 8-pointer with a limp, they need to bring him to my house," said Heltman, laughing.