Pennsylvania man survives improbable accident with guardrail

Ever see video of a car accident and wonder "how did anyone even survive?"  Well, we've got an accident that might be in the top 5.

Seth Yoders was driving along a rural Pennsylvania road Tuesday morning when he reportedly fell asleep at the wheel. Good that Yoders didn't drift into oncoming traffic - bad that he met head-on with a guardrail, which are known to very unforgiving.

The Drive reports that when first responders arrived on the scene of the accident, they found the guardrail driven all the way through the engine compartment, past the firewall, and into the driver's seat. They also found the 24-year-old Yoders, alive but in shock. Firefighters had to cut him out of the wreckage, then he was flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh.

Here's a closer look:

Miraculously, Yoders was "banged up' according to family, but nothing broken. One very lucky man. The Greene County Regional Police Department posted this message to Facebook giving an explanation for Yoders survival and imploring folks Not to do what he did.

"If there is anyone out there who can honestly say that they came to within inches of their life, it is Mr. Yoders... Folks, whether you want to call this luck or attribute this to a higher power, that's up to you.," the post reads. "Whatever it is, it's the only reason why this young man is still alive and will be going home to his family. PLEASE slow down, PLEASE pay attention, PLEASE wear your seat belt, PLEASE put your cell phone down, and PLEASE do not drive while intoxicated, drowsy, or anything less than fully alert."