The Bugatti Chiron has been recalled but Bugatti is laying out the red carpet for owners

When you buy a $2.5 million hypercar, you're probably a pretty busy, somewhat important person. You can't be bothered with quality issues on your Bugatti, and the VW Group brand totally recognizes that.

47 Bugatti Chirons have been recalled due to potentially faulty welds on the seat recliner brackets, but Chiron owners need not worry at all. Normally you would at least have to drive your car in for the repair, but Bugatti is sending out a "flying doctor" concierge technician to each affected car.

The Chirons will then be transported via lorry to the nearest Bugatti dealer. If they find shotty welds, they won't bother fixing them but instead will replace the entire seat.

Um, what are they doing with those old seats?